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Selected Architectural Works


· Hiding In Plane Site

· Machine | Material
· Columbia Rowing Complex
· Berlin Post-Fab Housing
· Pratt Graduate Dormitory
· Manifold Surfaces
· Center for Emergent Objects
· Gartenschau Remstahl


· Unnatural Assemblages
· Spatial Cartography
· Drawings & Outtakes


· Hot Knife

· Furniture

Architectural designer originally from Las Vegas. Has worked in New York City & Berlin on projects of multiple scales and scopes.

He received his B. Arch in the Spring of 2018 from Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

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Phone: +1 7027429459
Founded: August 29, 2013


Machine | Material 

Left: exterior. Right: interior

The conditions for designing a machine are in close concert with the material that you want to manipulate.
The resulting tool is a sand and concrete deposition machine that utilizes a simple conveyor belt mechanism to push material into a series of tubes. The specificity comes from where the material is placed on the conveyor belt, which is controlled with a simple X-Y gantry.

Done in collaboration with Sergey Pigach

Suspension Materials

The advantage of using machines for production is iteration. Iteration became very necessary, not only to work through technical details of the machine buildup, but also to investigate the material properties of cement powder with sand.
Unlike traditional cement casting, the technique demanded that the concrete is saturated after it is in the mold. The traditional paradigm in digital fabrication is either additive or subtractive manufacturing. This project proposes a method that exists somewhere in between, where sand acts as a suspension material while the concrete sets into place, and is then excavated later in order to produce voids. A substantial amount of effort went into exploration of how those voids can be more precise, and what the relationship to steel reinforcement would be.