BRYCE TAYLOR 7.91209—dc22

Selected Architectural Works


· Hiding In Plane Site

· Machine | Material
· Columbia Rowing Complex
· Berlin Post-Fab Housing
· Pratt Graduate Dormitory
· Manifold Surfaces
· Center for Emergent Objects
· Gartenschau Remstahl


· Unnatural Assemblages
· Spatial Cartography
· Drawings & Outtakes


· Hot Knife

· Furniture

Architectural designer originally from Las Vegas. Has worked in New York City & Berlin on projects of multiple scales and scopes.

He received his B. Arch in the Spring of 2018 from Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

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Phone: +1 7027429459
Founded: August 29, 2013


Pratt Graduate Dormitory

Critic:Sal Tranchina
Collaboration with Sawyer Daly

Atomized living through an assembly logic that focuses on the skin as an interface between social spaces.

The assembly can be conceived of as modular prefabricated dwelling units that face towards the street. The skeleton of the building works as a receptacle for the prefabricated housing units. the interstitial common space, which is supported by an independent skeletal system is enclosed with an curtain wall and double facade assembly for sun protection. The building is lifted off the ground, freeing up the ground floor for pedestrian circulation that invites students to sit and socialize in the courtyard, thus the building cultivates a rich and varied series of interior pockets for studying while simtultaneously being inward looking.

  Massing/Skin Study

Long Section